Experience, Knowledge, and Creative Solutions Built on Years of Service 



The Perfect Storm

The C3 principals have shared business experiences over the last quarter century, in their own ventures, in their rising corporate positions, and in their familiarity with the rapidly changing healthcare landscape. In C3, they wield a collective strength in their overlap of clinical and marketing knowledge, while also having the ability to offer insightful and creative solutions tied to their unique strengths as individuals. After years of advancing blockbuster healthcare products and concepts to their current pinnacle positions, they have collected their abilities into a composite service, a form of  perfect storm.

Along the way, they have befriended numerous clinical and surgical leaders across medical specialties and clinical disease states. They have a keen eye for novel products and years of experience in product development, marketing, sales, and commercialization. Expect both smooth sailing in the execution of the standard processes needed to advance your product and surprise successes based on the C3 novel strategic insights and awareness. C3 knows your market and how to access it.


A Powerful Vessel

The specific collection of capabilities that comprises C3 is unique in a boutique clinical healthcare firm. While some may specialize in media production, CME products, clinical data acquisition, event production and management, KOL management, or advisory board events, C3 brings all of these together in a powerful, coherent collection of medical, clinical, marketing, sales, data management, media and application development into one hive mind--providing spot on pathways for clinical and commercial success. C3 is a powerful consulting and commercialization vessel, serving the clinical needs of your nascent or existing product. 

Through the C3 real-time, on-demand interconnection with it's KOL collaborators, creative and technical partners, and staff of medical scientists, data analysts, writers, graphic artists, project managers, and media and IT specialists, the C3 principles can turn your product dial to 11.





Principles – 2
Senior Staff – 6
Junior Staff – 1
Collective Clinical and Commercial Experience – 50 yrs
KOL Network – 1,000+


Clinical Development
Medical Affairs
Marketing & Sales
Web & Mobile
Planning & Strategy
Logistics & Coordination
Data Storage & Analysis


Research & Development       Patient Management
Medical Education
Project Management