KTL and Business Relationships Across Specializations, Indications, and Geography...

Decades of combined experience have imbued C3 with a deep interconnected network of professional relationships and working partnerships. C3 has identified early pharmaceutical and device leaders across most medical specialties, and successfully focused clinical research, developed broad educational and marketing platforms, and expanded product commercialization well past phase IV clinical studies.

Educational Platforms

  • Professional society creation 
  • Speaker bureau members and slide content
  • Web and mobile application platforms
  • Specialty journal publications
  • Print, video, PodCasts, social media, HC networks, and in-person

Brand Campaigns

  • Indication mapping and KOL engagement
  • Disease profile and infographic multimedia campaigns
  • Surveys and focus groups
  • High profile one-on-one interviews
  • Advisory boards, round tables, and debates
  • KTL strategic council formation and management


  • 50+ years sales and marketing relationships
  • Persistant interaction and analysis of US and global trends
  • Experience: from the trenches to C-level
  • Always ahead of the curve...always